Your Cats feel relaxed and rest
 in a small and narrow place.

That is why they love paper boxes.
Boxes are Safe Zone against anxiety and stress for Cats.
Simple design and Various colors for indoor.
Introduce ‘Catssle’, the Modern Cat House
giving new experience for both Cat and Cat Lovers.

Catssle can be your imagination.
Build your Own Cat House.

Single Room

Double Room

Loof top




Catssle is a eco-friendly Cat house built by
natural pulp-based cardboards.
 Catssle is sturdy and clean with no EDC.

Catssle use FSC certified papers. Safety for Cats and
Cat Servants, Protection for an Environment.
Cats may gnaw and eat Catssle, but do not worry, it's non-toxic and edible.
Certified through chemical experiments, our paper products guarantee absolute safety.
Furthermore, Water Repellent Coating provides
water proof effects and make it easy for cleaning.

Compare to wood cat towers, our products are much light.
So it can be moved easily, and after use it, you can easily recycle it
because Catssle is made by environmental protection papers.
Catssle is for every cat lovers, especially a woman or single family.